Aqua Mortis - The Water of Death

During a political summit in Copenhagen, a child is found brutally murdered in a daycare center in Christianshavn.
Copenhagen police quickly arrest and charge a young daycare employee who can't explain his movements on the night of the murder. The psychologically fragile man only remembers being at the Assistants Cemetery, where he got drunk between the gravestones of Søren Kirkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen, two people that had meant a lot to his life.

The situation surrounding the murder makes criminal detective Hugo Møller choose to bring in psychologist Sanne Berg. She has previously assisted the homicide department on cases, and has had an affair with the married detective, Møller.

Møller gets sick and the case is taken over by his college Hans Tange, with whom both Møller and Sanne Berg have a strained relationship.

Møller's many years of experience give him a feeling that everything is not as it should be. From his sickbed at Rigshospitalet's Department of Cardiology, he convinces Sanne Berg that they should start their own private investigation.

Sanne Berg grudgingly agrees. Due to personal reasons, she had previously decided never to work for the Copenhagen Police or see Hugo Møller again. Apart from that, the investigation would get in the way of her plans to prepare a lecture on human survival instincts and the instincts of death.

Due to Møller's illness, the case weighs solely on Sanne Berg’s shoulders. From her penthouse with a view of the canals of idyllic Christianshavn, only several hundred meters from the crime scene, she attempts to get to the bottom of the brutal murder: Who killed the little girl, and why?

Soon Sanne Berg will feel that someone thinks she is meddling where she does not belong. When she ignores several warnings, she realises that the consequences may be fatal.

The novel is a psychological and existential thriller, and a portrait of a thoughtful and proactive woman. Sanne Berg listens to the grief of others while nursing her own wounds. At times she leans on equal parts eroticism and her favorite gin, Bombay Sapphire, to get her through the night and the day that follows.

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About the author

Carsten Nagel is a critically acclaimed Danish novelist and clinical psychologist. His works include novels, short stories, plays and film.

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